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  • Keith Snyder

Welcome to Speaking of Ghosts - Paranormal Investigations and Experiences

I have always held the firm belief that humans, including academics, do not know or understand everything. Humans have used our curiosities to explore and create medicines and treatments to improve standards of living and save and extend lives. Engineering and technological advancements have also benefited society through infrastructure improvements, technologies to make our lives more efficient and productive, and instantaneous communication abilities that decades ago would have been considered science fiction. With so many advancements in human knowledge and technology, there are still areas where we understand so little about life, and specifically, death.

I have been a paranormal enthusiast since I can recall. My interest in exploring the unknown has been with me my entire life. Once I personally experienced paranormal activity that my rational mind could not explain, my interest evolved into my passion to investigate the paranormal!

My “official” journey to explore the paranormal began by training with an “ethical and professional” group with years of experience. Please keep “ethical and professional” in your minds. I will share my personal experiences with both "professional" and "unprofessional" investigators I have met on my travels.

Fast forward several years and many investigations later, and find myself on a self-imposed hiatus from investigating. The reasons for my break are varied and have affected me to the point that I needed to write down my thoughts, feelings, and the realities I have experienced as a paranormal investigator. My experiences have provided me with ample evidence of the reality of paranormal activity, but have also resulted in personal disappointment, distrust, and negativity.

My goal is to share my paranormal investigations and experiences with new investigators to cue them in to some of the realities that they will inevitably face as they progress on their journey. I also welcome anyone who has an interest in the unknown to read my blog and share in my experiences, personal stories, and most importantly, traits that I believe the most ethical investigators possess. If I can assist one single person into becoming a truly ethical and professional paranormal investigator, then I feel I have accomplished everything I have hoped to accomplish.

“Skeptics are wise. Open minds are brilliant.” Keith Snyder

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