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  • Keith Snyder

My First Lesson - Respect

As my passion to explore the "unknown" never wavered over the next several years, I began to become equally interested in other familiar and new things in life; baseball – girls, baseball, and girls! It was during this period; I attempted my first “official” investigation – “Brown’s Farm”.

My best friend and I decided it was time to explore an abandoned farmhouse that was rumored to not only be haunted, but also used for demonic rituals. As word of our looming adventure spread, we were shocked when two female acquaintances asked if they could come along. “Of course, you can join us”, I stated as confidently as possible. After I uttered those words, I realized we were now committed to investigate, and I was hopeful that my years of studying the paranormal would help me to not look like a complete idiot, and even more importantly, keep us alive and unpossessed!

Forget about taking the Mel-Meters, K-2’s, Digital Cameras, Digital Recorders, and many more technological advancements that were decades from development. Our tools were flashlights, observation and sensory skills, and plain old bravery.

As the night arrived, we departed my car and trekked down the hill to the farmhouse.

Each step grew heavier, as it was apparent to all that his place was beyond creepy! My attempt at calm reassurances was only deafened by my own heart pounding! I suddenly thought, “why the hell am I doing this, and I really hope I don’t meet any demons tonight!”

After amazingly finding the front door unlocked, I thought to myself “this is too easy!” As we slowly progressed into the house, our flashlights picked up the clear outline of a pentagram on the floor and some extinguished candles nearby. We did notice some other items on the floor that we assumed were animal fur, but we had little time to explore. With a flash of light and a huge bang, a neighbor lady came crashing up to the window yelling at us to “get out of there”. As she was screaming “I’m calling the police!”, we ran out of the house and reached my car in record time! Luckily, my car started, and we got out of there before she could call the police. (Important Note: there were no cell phones at that time)! The fact that a modern and easily accessible communication device was not present provided us ample time to elude the authorities! The point of this post is to share the lesson that "all" paranormal investigators who are seeking evidence must be "ETHICAL". One simple example of being an ethical investigator is to respect all laws. If you do not have explicit permission from the property owner to be on his or her property, then stay out! I cannot stress this enough!

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