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Q:  What are Ghosts?
A:  Ghosts are considered the intangible energy of a person no longer living but may not be aware of that fact.  They have been witnessed as vaporous or transparent figures.  It is believed they may linger in places where they lived seeking guidance to "cross over".   

Q:  What are Spirits?

A:  Spirits are ghostly figures that seem to know that they are dead.  Spirits have been reported to be witnessed as orbs of light, transparent figures, or even shadows.

Q:  What are Poltergeists?

A:  Poltergeists are unseen phenomena reported as creating tapping, banging, and slamming noises.  They have also been reported to move objects randomly.  There are theories that young females dealing with high stress can cause objects to move through psychokinesis, thus, possibly being the cause of the Poltergeist activity.  

Q:  What are Active Haunts?
A:  Active Haunts deal with ghosts/spirits exhibiting intelligence that may interact with humans.  These entities are thought to be trapped between "life and death" - They either do not know they are deceased, or they are not ready to move on.  These hauntings may include physical responses from ghosts to questions posed to them by the living.  These answers may be recorded as electronic voice phenomena.

Q:  What are Residual Haunts?

A:   Residual Haunts have been described as "recordings" of human beings - and even pets - engaged in past activities imprinted in time that replay on a loop.  These haunts have been reported in areas where much emotional energy was released - either good or bad ( happy family memories or horrible battlefield carnage).    


Q:  Am I experiencing Paranormal Activity?

A:  Before you explore that possibility, look at your experiences and try to rationalize other explanations.  If you saw a light flash in the dark, could it have been a reflection from an external source?  

If you heard banging noises, could it have been old water pipes banging from pressure?  

Could lights flickering be due to electrical issues that need addressed?  

Could old, single-pane windows and insufficient wall insulation  be responsible for the voices you know you heard when; in fact, the voices were coming from the sidewalk in front of your house? 

Is there a recurring smell in certain areas, pleasant or unpleasant, that you did not create yourself?

Even unexplained foot steps can often be explained by floorboards in older homes creaking due to a house settling.

Think rationally and explore all possible options.  If you are sure you have experienced or are experiencing UNEXPLAINABLE events, then we want to help.

Q:  What are the next steps?

A:  Contact us on our last page.  We review our Contact Us page often.

We will set up a time and a date to meet you at your house to do an initial interview (including - if possible - any other witnesses to the events).  During this interview, we will gather all relevant facts, investigate possible non-paranormal explanations for the experiences, perform baseline sweeps with equipment to gauge the environmental conditions, and set up parameters for the investigation.  We will then set up a date and time for our investigation.  Please note:  Investigations from beginning to end can average 5 to 6 hours.  We investigate with the goals of either affirming or debunking paranormal activities, and bringing peace of mind to our clients.   We will never charge any fees for our clients, and we will always maintain total client confidentiality. 

Q:  What happens after the investigation?

A:  We will review all evidence collected and then conduct a reveal with you where we can either provide evidence or debunk paranormal activity.  In the event paranormal activity is verified through evidence, we will then diligently develop and carry a plan of action (s) based upon your wishes; (live with the spirits or evict them).     

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